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Audiobooks Fugitive Doctor and Master announced

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Image: BBC/Big Finish Publishing

Doctor Who not new to the world audio drama, especially those released by the British publisher Big Finish. The publisher has created various adventures for first twelve doctors and their various companions since 1991, with Jodie Whittaker the current 13th incarnation has been blocked due to current licensing rights. However, that will finally change with a new pair of audio adventures.

Big Finish has announced two new audiobooks, the first of their upcoming line of books focusing on the modern era. Doctor Who. Fugitive Doctor Adventures focuses on Renegade version of Joe Martin The Doctor, who first appeared in the 2020 episode “Fugitive from the Judoon” and was last seen last year Doctor Who Flux. On the Doctor Who websiteMartin praised Big Finish for being “a vital part of [Doctor Who] fandom” and expressed his excitement at being able to return to her unexpected role. David Richardson, its producer, teased “a whole new era to explore” for “Doctor Martin” that will help her make her mark on the universe.

Second book Call me Master, and that’s exactly what the title implies, a solo adventure centered on the Doctor’s nemesis and fellow Time Lord, currently played by Sasha Dhawan. (Dhawan is going to return as Master in Last episode of Whittaker later this year.) This book’s producer, Heather Challands, has promised that this Master’s audiobook will “reveal the layers” of the character in a way that will satisfy longtime fans. Dhawan, who previously starred in several Doctor Who and torchwood audio drama since 2014, was thrilled to be able to star in his own story. “Master is a joy to play at so many levels! I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do without the Doctor around to hold him back!

Both Fugitive and Master will consist of six episodes and will feature their own fully voiced, currently unrevealed actors for their respective main roles, with whom they will embark on space travel through time. They will also have their own collectible CD box sets with their respective six episodes spread across three discs and two volumes for fans of physical media. If you go digital, you can download it naturally; either way, they each have their own behind-the-scenes additions.

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Image: BBC/Big Finish Publishing

No release date has been given for either book, but both are currently available for pre-order. And other adventures in the Whittaker era. Doctor Who are on the way.

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