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Apple’s regular AirPods have dropped to just $ 100 on Amazon

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He is not alone AirPods Pro for sale this weekend. Amazon also sells the current generation AirPods with wired charging case for only $ 100 after a payment discount – much less than its official $ 159. You can also attach the headphones with a wireless charging case for it $ 150 (from $ 199) if you can’t support cables.

Buy AirPods (wired case) on Amazon – $ 100

Buy AirPods (wireless case) on Amazon – $ 150

Regular AirPods are still considered “defaults” for real wireless headphones, and for good reason. While the sound isn’t spectacular, they’re easy to use, reliable, and provide solid battery life for travel (now that they’re back to normal) and video calling. While working with Android, the experience is pretty much perfect if you use Apple devices.

You have to temper and your expectations, of course. In addition to Apple’s audio quality and support, the “input” AirPod doesn’t adapt as well as the Pro’s or boast its water resistance ready for training. You’ll want to go elsewhere if you want the buds to go for a run or answer calls in the rain. At this price, however, the features are easily in line with expectations.

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