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Apple workers say they have collected nearly 500 stories of toxic workplaces

On Monday, #AppleToo, a group of current and former Apple employees dedicated to shedding light on the company’s culture, said it has collected nearly 500 stories of incidents of discrimination, harassment and retaliation “caused by employees. colleague from campus. ” Most of those contacted asked for information on how to file a complaint with an external authority, such as the California Department of Fair Housing and Housing (DFEH).

What’s more, the group reports that more than half of the people it spoke to asked for information and guidance on how to contact the media about their stories. “Almost everyone agreed to have their stories told anonymously and respectfully,” the message said. Apple Workers plans to start publicly sharing these stories next week, but a preview was offered on Friday, noting that in many incidents, employees felt ignored by Apple’s HR department.

Apple is already facing questions about how sexism is treated in the workplace. In August, the company appointed Ashley Yovik, a senior manager of engineering programs. V Gjövik shared her interactions with company employees. In one episode, the manager referred to her “tone” in the presentations and said, “I have not heard you go up an octave at the end of your statements.” Gjövik said she only started sharing her story publicly because “everything I tried inside myself failed.”

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