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Apple Watch Series 7 is here

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After some question about production questions will delay the launch of Apple Watch Series 7, Apple’s next-generation flagship smartwatch is here. Series 7 represents the most significant Apple Watch redesign since the release of the smartwatch in 2015.

All the rumors turned out to be true: the Series 7 is indeed larger than its predecessors, with two case sizes: 41mm (was 40mm) and 45mm (44mm). That, plus the fact that it has smaller bezels, means we’ve significantly increased the screen real estate. It’s also 70% brighter. A larger screen allows you to use the entire keyboard, as well as larger buttons in apps, and lets you read more from your notifications. This also means that you will see more complications. While many rumors say the display will have flat edges, this is not the case. The edges are still rounded here. Apple says the Series 7 is also the toughest watch it has built, with a more crack-resistant display and IP6X certification. Apple is also continuing its colorful streak with five new colors for Series 7.

Ahead of today’s event, rumors of a larger Apple Watch have raised concerns over whether previous Apple Watch straps will work with the larger Series 7 sizes. Rest in peace. Just like when Apple upsized with the Series 4, the straps you already own will work with the Series 7.

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There’s a new S7 chip inside the Series 7, but it doesn’t make any significant health improvements in terms of the new sensors, but the new watch does have one thing that Apple Watch fans have been asking for: better battery life. View. They still give roughly 18, but you can also get 8 hours with just eight minutes of charging. It’s pretty … impressive. It’s nowhere near as long as some Fitbits, but it’s a step up from previous generations.

In terms of features, the Series 7 will ship with watchOS 8which, as we already knew, will focus on mindfulness. In addition to the new Reflect workouts, we are also getting Tai Chi as a new type of workout and more accurate indicators for Pilates. We are also getting new watch faces, including a portrait dial. Good news for bikers – watchOS 8 will also add fall detection for outdoor cycling and automatic cycle tracking. Fitness + is also getting several updates, including guided meditations, Pilates, winter training, and group training. This year’s overall improvements have been modest, but Apple is rumored to be working on some more advanced health features for next year, including the possible addition of a body temperature sensor.

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Again, the Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 3 are also available as affordable alternatives. Apple hasn’t changed prices. Series 3 is still priced at $ 199, SE at $ 279, and Series 7 starts at $ 399. The SE is still a great option for anyone on a budget, but don’t make us chase you for the Series 3. Just don’t.

Apple Watch Series 7 is available for pre-order today, but keep in mind that compared to other years, there is a slight delay before you can actually get it. You can thank the global chip shortage, but thankfully it doesn’t look like it’ll take too long. Apple says Series 7 shipments will begin later this fall.

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