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Apple iPhone 13 Event 2021: Everything You Can Expect

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Product launch season has arrived, which means it’s time to get ready for Apple’s annual September event. As with last year, current manufacturing and supply chain issues likely mean we will see multiple launches this fall. However, we pretty Of course, next week’s event will be centered around the iPhone 13.

The event kicks off next Tuesday, September 14th at 10:00 AM PT./ 1 PC.m. ET. Apple sent out invitations with a cryptic slogan – “California Streaming” this time – and we’ll probably spend the next few days pondering what that might mean. But until then, we’ve collected everything we expect to see next week.

Will we see the iPhone 13?

Yeah, they are noto iPhone delays this year. We fully expect to see four iPhone 13 models. Next week. As with the iPhone 12 lineup, expect to see the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Mini. We also don’t expect big changes in display size, materials or general appearance of the phone itself. In terms of design, the biggest change we expect is smaller notch, with some suggesting that Apple will accept hole puncher design you see on some android phones. Other previously leaked renders have shown that the notch has nearly halved. (Sorry, but the notch-less phone we saw in this one Ted Lasso episode This was most likely a VFX post-production bug.)

The iPhone 13 is expected to have four models in the same size as the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 13 is expected to have four models in the same size as the iPhone 12.
Photo: Caitlin McGarry / Gizmodo

Apart from the notch, we also constantly heard that Pro models can get 120Hz Displays Using LTPO Technology… (We’ve seen LTPO displays on the Apple Watch, but it’s essentially a more economical variable refresh rate display.) The iPhone 13 lineup will also get a new, faster A15 chip, as well as big batteries… It’s also probably unsurprising that Apple has also boosted the iPhone 13 cameras. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted earlier this year that the iPhone 13 will have upgraded ultrawide camera and improved low light performance. We also expect see more video featuresincluding video portrait mode, new filters and ProRes format for editing. A stronger magnetic array is also possible (and new MagSafe charger), plus support Wi-Fi 6E

Another recent rumor we’ve heard is that the iPhone 13 will support satellite connectionwhich will allow users to send text messages and make calls if they are in an area without 4G or 5G. However, this rumor should be viewed with skepticism. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman – one of Apple’s most trusted predictors – says: this is a big bag of fowey… According to Gourmet, the iPhone 13 may have hardware to support this in the future, but it won’t be announced this year.

The only rumor we’re not particularly keen on is the iPhone 13 lineup. may be more expensive than originally thought… It’s unclear if this will be true for all four models or just two Pro models. In any case, if the iPhone 13 is more expensive, it will have to thank the global shortage of chips.

What about the new AirPods?

It feels like it’s been 86 years since we first learned about AirPods 3but it looks like we might finally see them next week.

The AirPods 3 are expected to borrow some of the AirPods Pro’s design features, such as a shorter stem and a smaller body. Initial predictions also mentioned silicone ear tips, but they were nowhere to be seen in several leaked photos and renders in recent months. That said, it looks like this is all that Apple needs. Don’t expect to see premium features like active noise canceling or Spatial Audio – You’ll have to splurge on AirPods Pro for those who

Think about it, but with smaller stems.

Think about it, but with smaller stems.
Photo: Adam Clarke Estes / Gizmodo

It is also possible that Apple will add the U1 ultra-broadband chip for AirPods 3. iOS 15 will add an exact search function to the Find My app. for AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, and in order to use it, people will need to associate AirPods with their Apple ID… Apple has added the U1 chip to many of its newest products, so it’s perfectly reasonable to think it could spread to AirPods 3. (Who among us didn’t fall on all fours looking for a lost AirPod?) The U1 chip was missing from ridiculously expensive AirPods Maxso we just need to see.

Will the iPad Mini finally be redesigned?

Pandemic lock moved to stellar tablet sales in 2020so it should come as no surprise that Apple is looking to update its iPad lineup. This time it looks like it’s the iPad Mini’s turn.

The iPad Mini can be borrowed from the iPad Air (pictured above).

The iPad Mini can borrow design ideas from the iPad Air (pictured above).
Photo: Caitlin McGarry / Gizmodo

Presumably, the new iPad Mini will have most significant redesign for the product since its first launch. This means thinner bezels and no Home button. We could also see a miniLED display, as was the case with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro last spring. The iPad Mini is expected to be slightly larger, somewhere in the 8.5 to 9-inch range.

The Mini is rumored to have an A15 processor – the same as the iPhone 13 lineup. USB-C and smart plugwhich hints that Apple may be preparing some accessories and peripherals for the device.

What is it about Apple Watch getting bigger?

Compared to Series 6 and Watch SE, there aren’t many rumors around the Apple Watch. Series 7. However, we know for sure that, like the iPad Mini, Series 7 will receive the most significant visual redesign since the Apple Watch, which was first released in 2015.

Leaked photos and renders show a flat-edged design reminiscent of the iPhone 12 (and early iPhones before that). It is also rumored that the displays will also be slightly larger by 41 mm and 45 mm… However, it is also a question of whether Series 7 will actually come out next week. It is reported that due to the redesign, Apple also had to reconfigure internal components. This caused some production problemsand it depends on whether Apple can address these issues in time. We may end up hearing an announcement, but we’ll have to wait a bit before we actually see the product. Or, like last year, Apple may end up hosting a separate Apple Watch event.

An overview of the mindfulness sessions coming in watchOS 8.

An overview of the mindfulness sessions coming in watchOS 8.
Photo: Victoria Song / Gizmodo

When it comes to features, don’t expect anything too mind-boggling in terms of health tracking.… While Series 6 introduced SpO2 sensor and blood oxygen readings, this generation of Apple Watch, and also watchOS 8-expected to focus more on mindfulness. We know Apple is messing with many advanced health functions down the line but this unlikely to debut with Series 7. For example, we heard a few noises when monitoring blood glucose for Series 7, but it looks more and more like it won’t work

Will Apple Announce New Apple TV + Shows?

We absolutely don’t expect a new Apple TV to arrive soon after Apple unveiled a new model with an updated Apple TV 4K earlier this year.… However, it is really hard to ignore the streaming portion of the “California Streaming” slogan in an invitation to an event.… While this may simply be a reference to the fact that the event is being streamed live, it shouldn’t surprise us if Apple decides to announce several new titles for its premium TV service.

When will we see the MacBook M1X?

We were waiting for new 14 “and 16” MacBooks with a new generation Apple M1 chip for some time. They will definitely come sometime this year. It’s just unlikely that Apple will involve them in its iPhone event. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman argues that we will most likely see computers sometime before the end of November. As we mentioned earlier, it is increasingly likely that Apple will stick with multiple launches this fall and we expect two new MacBooks (and, perhaps, high quality Mac Mini) then debuts. But then again, this is Apple and they always love to surprise you with One More Thing, so who can say?

The wait is almost over, and as always, the entire Gizmodo Consumer Technology team will be blogging in real time next Tuesday. We’ll be ready with hot takes and analysis and a generous dose of chaos, so stay tuned.

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