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Apple employees will return to the office in September


The full-time work-from-home arrangement for Apple employees may arrive at the end of a few months. The technology giant’s CEO sent an email to his employees asking them to return to the office starting in September, according to The Virgin and Bloomberg. Tim Cook said most people will be expected to come on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at a minimum, with the option to work from home on Wednesday and Friday.

Teams that need to work together in person have to come in four to five times a week, but that’s not a surprise. Some Apple employees have had to continue working from the company’s offices for a few days during the height of the pandemic, even though most have been able to do remote work. “Video conferencing has narrowed the distance between us, to be sure, but there are things we simply cannot replicate,” the executive wrote in the letter.

While employees are expected to enter the office most days, they will be able to work remotely for an additional two weeks per year with the approval of a manager. Bloomberg says Cook cited the availability of COVID-19 vaccines and the decrease in coronavirus infection rates in his letter. He has also told staff in the past that they may return in June, but it appears the timeline has been rejected.


Apple rivals Google announced back in May it will adopt a new hybrid work week in which most staff will also spend about three days working out of the office. It expects 60 percent of its workforce to work on site when it reopens its offices September, while 20 percent will end up in new office locations. The remaining 20 percent will be able to work from home permanently. Meanwhile, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said earlier employees may apply for permanent distance work and that 50 percent of the social network workforce could work from home in the next five to ten years.

Cook called the flexible installation “pilot” in his letter, adding that it will be reevaluated in 2022.

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