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Apple brings the Safari web extension to iPhone and iPad

Along with a raft of privacy updates, Apple announced more features for Safari during its WWDC keynote. Among these is that it brings web extensions to Safari iPad and iPhone. It will be easier to manage your tabs and windows thanks to a redesigned tab bar and tab groups. Tabs are more compact and you can tap the address bar for more information on the active web page. To make things a little easier, the tab bar combines your tabs, toolbar, and search field into one space. It also uses the same color as the web page you are using to complete the new look.


From the standpoint of things, tab groups act as active bookmarks and help reduce disorder. You’ll find them on the left sidebar on Macs, plus they sync across all your devices and you can share groups of tabs with each other. On iOS 15, the refreshed tab bar will look similar and appear at the bottom of the screen. It shows up with a tap and your iPhone will hide it again when it starts to scroll. The new tool will also give you the ability to scroll through different tabs from the bar as well.

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