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Anya Taylor Joy Thought it would never work again

Anya Taylor Joy in The Witch

Anya Taylor Joy in The Witch
Image: A24

Many celebrities despise watching each other on the big screen, and actress Anya Taylor Joy is one of those celebrities.

When he saw his performance for the first time in Robert Eggers The Witch when it was presented to Sundance in 2015, stold THR“I think I’ll never work again. I’m always shivering thinking about it,” she says. “It was just the worst feeling of,‘ I let go of the people I love the most in the world. I didn’t do it well ‘Adiend, I’m quite verbose, I like to talk, I like to communicate. I didn’t talk. I just cried. I couldn’t help but see my face so big. ”

His performance had the opposite effect. Not only did his first film role catapult him to A-list status, but he continued to win a Golden Globe for his stellar work on the limited Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit. Currently, the actress is nominated for an Emmy for the same performance.

Taylor-Joy heard about all the praise the show received while in the set of the new Eggers film In Northman, where she met Witch co-star Kate Dickie. “I was isolating myself [in Northern Ireland], only in this apartment with nothing but my phone, and my phone was telling me information I couldn’t calculate. And then luckily, Kate came to stay with me – Kate Dickie, who plays my mom in ‘The Witch‘- and every day just more information would come in, and I’ll look at it, and say,’ I think it’ll be fine. I think people like the show. “

Out of The Queen’s Gambit, has starred in films of all genres such as the drama Jane Austen Emma, superhero action movie New Mutants, and horror film Split. Joy is ready to begin production on George Miller Mad Max spin-off precu Get angry.

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