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Anonymous claims he hacked everything from the Nazis’ favorite web host

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Members of the Anonymous hacktivist collective claim to have hacked Internet registration company Epik, allegedly stealing “data over a decade”, including a wealth of information about its customers and their domains.

Epic is controversial, since, as you know, took many right customers, including those that previous web hosting providers like GoDaddy have opted out of for various reasons. Its users have turned on conservative social networks. Parler and Gabas well as the conspiracy-filled YouTube wannabe Bitchute and former President Trump’s fan site. Donald… The company recently launched to help people get the message across to Texas people who want abortions but later forcibly removed A tip collecting platform after finding out that it has violated Epik’s terms by collecting information from third parties without consent.

Now, however, an apparent hack to its platform means that soon all Epik customers may be offered information about their internal server for everyone to see.

News of the apparent incident was the first reported by Stephen Monacelli, a freelance journalist based in Texas who tweeted Monday that the company’s “big data set” appears to have been stolen. Monacelli’s information is taken from the 4Chan “press release” issued by the alleged hackers. In the release, the group claims to have stolen domain purchases and transfers, credentials for “all Epik customers,” and a data dump from an Epik employee’s email inbox, among many other things.

“This dataset is all it takes to track the actual ownership and control of the fascist side of the Internet that has eluded researchers, activists and, well, just about everyone else,” the post said.

When approached for comment, Epic told Gizmodo that they were unaware of the hack. “We are not aware of any violations. We take the security of our customers’ data very seriously and are investigating allegations, ”a spokesman said in an email.

Whether Epik knows about the hack or not, their alleged data is now in the hands of online activists who plan to publish it online. Hacktivist group Common denial of secrets said on Tuesday that the source provided them with information about the leak and that they plan to publish it for public use on their website. The DDoS attack, which has a habit of publishing data from many Epik customers, confirmed that the data collection includes extensive registration information about the company’s users. DDoS site claims the dump includes “180 gigabytes of user information, registration, forwarding and other information underlying Epik’s web hosting and registration service, known for hosting fascist, white racist and other right-wing content, as well as harassment and doxing “.

Dump links are widely available on the Internet, but Gizmodo discourages the average user from downloading unverified hacked material.

In the past, Epik has served as a haven for right-wing groups that have been pushed out of other hosting platforms. Examples include Parler and Gab, the MAGA-style Twitter clones who had a hard time finding a home after the many organizational events that took place on January The attack on the Capitol building was found to have originated from their virtually unmoderated platforms. However, the company recently made it clear that it was drawing a line somewhere when sever ties with site of an informer about abortion.

The DDoS previously posted data that was stolen in confirmed hacking and / or scraping incidents, including those involving Gab, Parler, and the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington DC. The group was punished by Twitter last year after a secrets publisher shared links to more than 200 gigabytes of other stolen police data, including thousands of confidential emails, bulletins and FBI memos dating back to 1996. Twitter has suspended DDoS attacks, citing violations of its “hacking policy”, which will undergo a radical overhaul only a few months later.

Gizmodo has uploaded copies of Epik data and will evaluate their content.

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