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Android developers will receive larger sales cuts if they support devices beyond phones

It’s no secret that Google fights to promote Android on any device other than a phone. Get Samsung’s help rethink Wear OS after years of market stagnation, for example. However, the pioneer of technology may have a simple solution: give developers a financial incentive to support other platforms. Ars Technica note that Google is leaving the international development of a Play Media Experience program that reduces the company’s share of PlayStore app revenue to 15 percent if Android developers support audiovisual experiences across a wide range of platforms, including tablets, watches and smart TV devices .

If a developer wants more revenue to take home, he must support all platforms in a certain category. A video app creator must be integrated with Android TV, Google TV and Google Cast. An audio app creator must support Wear OS, Android Auto, Android TV, and Google Cast, while a playback app maker must optimize for tablets, foldables, and Show Space experience.

Developers also need to have at least 100,000 active monthly installments on Google Play as well as a “strong” rating in the store. A small studio doing app knockoff couldn’t just play the system by launching barebones support for other devices.

It is not clear how well it works. Ars noted that Google has inconsistent platform support in their own app, even less so among third-party teams. Microsoft hasn’t even had much luck paying developers to write Windows Phone apps. There may be a lot less work here, and the program could be rewarding if a company already has a strong demand for their Android apps. If it works, you will see more top quality apps for all the Android devices you own.

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