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An analog pocket PC will be a real gift for retro gaming

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There are still no specific details on when Analogue long-awaited, but now three times postponed Pocket will officially begin shipping to preorders, but the company has revealed some additional details about the console’s new operating system, which sounds like it’s both about exploring and exploring retro games and playing and having fun with them.

Analogue today announced that its upcoming Pocket will be the company’s first console to run on the so-called Analogue OS. Very similar to the optimized and minimalistic operating systems on the old company consoles. as if Super NTThe analog OS will have extensive customization options for gaming, including original display modes that make games look exactly like on the screens of the original equipment, remapping controls (as well as controls on 8BitDo Bluetooth wireless controllers), gameplay. tracking, and the ability to create, store and organize your own screenshots.

The analog OS will also introduce a feature not seen before on cartridge-based consoles: save states that allow you to stop playing a game at any time and return to it later, at that very moment, without first going to a specific savepoint in the game itself. This trick was made possible by the specialized FPGA Pocket hardware (explained here) where the console captures the current “FPGA state” and can save and reload it later if the original game cartridge is inserted in the back. Unlike other consoles that rely on software emulationPocket does not use ROM files.

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With Analogue OS, the company is also transforming Pocket into a kind of Wikipedia for retro games, with the ultimate goal of the operating system to eventually become “the ultimatethe entire scientific database on the history of video games. ” To achieve this noble goal, Analogue has developed a new database from the ground up, including new standards for information such as game titles, franchises, publishers, developers and versions, “carefully selected by experts and researchers in conjunction with collectors who have access to complete information. play sets “.

Image for an article titled Analogue & # 39;  s Pocket promises to be a comprehensive database of portable retro games

Image: Analogue

For example, there are actually 18 different versions of the classic Game Boy. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, often with slight variations of in-game items, graphics, text, and even errors in between. The analog OS will include details of each last one, while Pocket will tell you exactly which version of the game was inserted into its cartridge slot. It is especially ideal for completists trying to track down every last iteration of a cartridge where the exact version is not obvious just by looking at it, or for those who are just wondering where a copy might have come from.

To be completely clear, the database does not actually include any games. If you find a game you’ve always wanted to play in the list and try to download it, the console will ask you to insert the original cartridge. It’s not trying to be a Spotify-like service for retro games where everything you can eat / play is more like what Goodreads has done for books. GaMeasures can even create playlists of their favorite movies and share them with others by downloading those playlist files to the Pocket SD card.

When Pocket finally ships, it will run Analogue OS 1.0. which includes a database covering Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Sega Game Gear games. Information about games available for other PDAs, including Atari Lynx and Neo Geo Pocket Color, will be added to the database through software updates when the cartridge adapters for these consoles are released.

The analog OS is not limited to just the analog pocket. Upcoming Analog duowhich will play games from the TurboGrafx line of consoles will also run on the new operating system and include a database update for all of these additional retro games. However, there are no plans to attract new analogue of the company’s OS old existing consoles

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