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Amazon workers are asking the Company to bring their pollution to zero by 2030

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Ahead of the planned Amazon shareholders meeting on May 26, m600 mine employees to get he signed a petition pressuring the company to reduce their pollution levels to zero by 2030 – particularly in communities of color that border the Amazon borderwarehouses.

On request, which had collected 640 signatures at the time of this writing, calls Amazon to give priority to zero-emission technologies in hard-hit communities so they can live at their own level. ”statements on racial and neighborhood equity the flaws of racial equity “:

“As employees, we are alarmed that Amazon’s pollution is disproportionately concentrated in communities of color,” the petition says.Amazon must commit to zero emissions by 2030 and implement zero-emission technologies in the communities most affected by its earlier pollution. We want to be proud of where we work. ”

The petition was initiated by the working members of Amazon employees for Climate Justice, and began circulating in response to the company rejecting a proposed shareholder resolution that looking to understand society to report how much pollution it emits in communities of color. There’s a precedent for Amazon employees organizing for green causes: In 2019, more than 7,500 workers have shed their weight behind them a ultimately failed one proposal of the shareholder who invoked the CEO Jeff Bezos will create a comprehensive climate change plan for the organization.

The 2020 shooting of two Amazon employees that had been involved in organizing efforts with Amazon employees for Climate Justice he also made waves when he became the subject of an inquiry by the National Council on Labor Relations, which has finally determined that the the terminations were vindictive it is, therefore, illegal.

Amazon stores and factories have proliferated around the United States in recent years, often cut out outside the working class communities that are primarily composed of people of color. The fact that the e-commerce giant ships in more than a million packages a day has, in turn, made those communities fire pollution – a kind of ground zero for plastic waste and waste from diesel trucks and other modes of transportation that Amazon uses to transport its products.

“Amazon presents itself without informing the community of its introduction. They are presented with warehouses and delivery trucks that aggravate our roads, our air.” Paola Dela Cruz-Perez, a youth organizer for East Yard’s nonprofit communities for environmental justice, he said during a Tuesday briefing kept ahead of schedule shareholder meeting. “Amazon has expanded its operations in the Southeastern neighborhoods of Los Angeles like mine, understanding exactly how environmental racism works, and choosing to take advantage of this oppression.”

Despite the rejection of the shareholders ’resolution on the pollution report, Amazon shareholders are still waiting to vote on a separate resolution during Wednesday’s meeting. that would ask the company to report how much of its plastic packaging ends up in the environment.

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