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Amazon will buy MGM at a $ 9 Billion Deal likely by the end of the week

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos speaks at an Smbhav event in New Delhi, India.

Jeff Bezos attends Amazon’s annual Smbhav event in New Delhi on January 15, 2020.
Photo: Sajjad Hussein (Getty Images)

Amazon Studios has already given noted yacht owner Jeff Bezos a big way in the Hollywood media space, between its Prime Video streaming offerings and its great plans for movies and TV. Very soon, these plans are potentially on track to become even bigger because Amazon is on track to acquire one of the largest studios around: MGM.

In the Wall Street Journal makes it clear that Amazon’s recent plans to acquire MGM have taken a big step forward, in a deal worth about $ 9 billion that is one of the e-commerce giant’s biggest acquisitions. If the deal goes through, Amazon could officially make its MGM property official later this week. Founded in 1924, MGM is a hallmark of Hollywood as we know it today, one of the first “Big Five” studios of the golden age of the industry alongside RKO Radio Pictures (which failed in the 50s), 20th Century Fox (now of course Disney property), Paramount Pictures (now a part of ViacomCBS), and Warner Bros., which was scrapped by owner AT&T last week in a merger with Discovery.

The acquisition of MGM and its extensive catalog of films and shows — which includes classics like the James Bond franchise, Robocop, and even more so, next to TV companies like Stargate and The servant’s account– will give a huge benefit to Amazon’s Prime Video streaming offering, which the company continues to build on its original content, throwing a lot of money into everything from superhero hits like The Boys and Invincible to his next Lord of the Rings precu series. If Amazon’s presence in the streaming space was already significant, owning MGM would only make it an even more dominant one.

We’ll give you more about Amazon’s plans for MGM as and when we learn it.

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