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Amazon Launches New Resale Programs Following Backlash Over Inventory Destruction

After ITV News discovered that Amazon in the UK was destroying new returned shares rather than reselling them. announced changes in how he deals with returned and unsold items. In a statement, Amazon says it is launching two programs for businesses using the retail giant’s infrastructure. These programs: FBA Valuation and Resale (run by Amazon), and FBA Liquidation will allow third-party sellers to list returned items on their product pages.

In the first case, when a product is returned to Amazon, the company assesses its condition and then re-lists it as used. Amazon added that sellers can set the price based on the estimates that Amazon gives out and can control much of the process themselves. Meanwhile, FBA Liquidations allows sellers to ship returned or surplus goods to wholesalers directly from Amazon’s logistics warehouses. They can contact Amazon’s wholesale resale partners and try, in corporate terms, to “recover some of the value of their inventory.”

The announcement was made shortly after a controversial message from ITV News, which claimed that trucks with new products were marked for destruction. One anonymous consultant told reporters at the time that the process did not spare even premium products like the MacBook and, despite what is happening now, sealed the COVID face masks. As Hill explained that the consequences of this report drew criticism in Britain from Labor MPs. demanding explanation of the evidence presented. At the time, Amazon stated that “no items are sent to landfills,” but as a last resort, some are sent to “energy recovery.”

Libby Johnson McKee, director of Amazon Returns, ReCommerce and Sustainability, said the new initiatives are one example of Amazon trying to “ensure that products are sold on Amazon. […] make good use of it and don’t waste it. ” McKee added that these policies will help cut costs and help companies using Amazon’s order fulfillment platform grow their businesses. FBA Grade and Resell is now available in the UK, with other European countries coming online next year. Meanwhile, the FBA Liquidations program is available in the US and other European countries, but will appear in the UK in August.

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