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Amazon Halo can now share heart rate data with third-party apps and hardware.

As a wearable device, the Amazon Halo bracelet is not the highlight of the fitness tracker you can buy. It doesn’t include a display, and besides the two microphones that include its controversial tone detection feature, it ditches many of the more advanced sensors we’ve seen used in devices like the Apple Watch. But starting today, you can use the Halo Band to view your heart rate data on a variety of third-party fitness apps and equipment.

At launch, the integrations work with machines from brands like NordicTrack and CLBMR, as well as software like iFit and Openfit. TO enable function, open the Settings menu in the Amazon Halo app and look for Heart Rate Sharing.

While this doesn’t quite match the functionality of the Apple Watch GymKit, enabling heart rate sharing should make the Halo Band more versatile, something a wearable device desperately needs. Once you get past its more controversial features, the problem with Halo is that it doesn’t stand out. In fact, most of the platform’s best features are found in the included Halo app.

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