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Alex Jones files for second bankruptcy

The silhouette of Alex Jones rubs his temple and glistens with sweat.

Alex Jones ranted outside A Connecticut courtroom last October after being told it would have to pay nearly $1 billion in damages to the parents of victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting.
A photo: Joe Baglevich (Getty Images)

Alex Jones, the main face of conspirators and hate-spewing information wars, has all the charisma of a garbage fire. Just like a huge pile of burning garbage, Jones is certainly hard to ignore, even though the air is laced with stinky perfume. With so many people shutting windows from the sight and smell, quite a few people still gather around the fire, as if dangerous conspiracies, outright racism and homophobia are a shining piece of ambergris. Now Jones is doing everything he can to prevent the fire that is trying to put out his terrible flames.

On Thursday, Alex Jones filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to documents filed in Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas. This is different from his previous bankruptcy filings for his company Free Speech Systems, the umbrella organization that owns Info Wars and other Jones brands. This is a personal Chapter 11 bankruptcy that could be an attempt by Jones to give himself some wiggle room after being ordered to. pay nearly $1 billion families of victims of the Sandy Hook massacre.

This $1 billion from Connecticut lawsuit was on top of another $45.2 million in damages he was ordered to pay in a similar lawsuit filed in Texas, where his company is based. Both defamation suits accused Jones of regularly spreading plots about the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre that killed 26 people, mostly young children. Jones claimed that the children killed were participants in the crisis and that the entire scene was a “false flag” operation to bring charges against the arms industry.

The bankruptcy filings show that Jones has between 50 and 99 creditors. His assets are somewhere in the $1 million to $10 million range, and he has liabilities in the same range. Previous report from New York Times noted that Jones could be worth more than $5 million, according to a divorce settlement back in 2014. Of course, this was before all these lawsuits were directed against him personally for his role in torturing and exacerbating the pain of parents whose children were killed.

Jones is represented by Vicki Driver of Crowe & Dunlevy in Dallas, Texas, according to court documents. Gizmodo contacted a lawyer, but we did not immediately receive a response.

Jones’ biggest creditors are indeed the parents of Sandy Hook’s victims. He owes Robert Parker $120 million. Parker’s daughter was killed in a shootout in 2012, and during his trial he told jurors that he had to move across the country to avoid threats and harassment from Info Wars fans. According to the documents, he contested all of these creditors, including a $150,000 charge from American Express.

But now that Jones is liable for more than $1 billion in damages from the two entities, Jones must find ways to block the recovery process. Lawyers for the parents in a Connecticut court accused Jones of using the tactic earlier, saying he tried to use his bankruptcy to delay a final decision in the defamation case. Of course it didn’t last long as the Connecticut judge rejected Jones’ attempt to take the defamation case to federal bankruptcy court.

As for chapter 11 of his company, the Texas judge said he had concerns about how much money Jones had spent throughout the process. In September, a Houston judge ordered new faces to watch InfoBankruptcy wars procedures, dismissal of attorney Jones and chief director of restructuring in favor of a federally appointed trustee.

Despite the damage hanging over his head, Jones continued his show, even dragging Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, aired to let the fallen artist rave and spew antisemitism Jones audience. For perhaps the first time, Jones was taken aback by how much anti-Jewish hatred you let seep from his masked face.

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