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Acorns accidentally sends an email to users stating that accounts have been locked

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Screenshot: Lucas Ropek / Acorns

Fear not, acorn users. Your accounts have No was hacked. Probably.

On Friday, dozens of investment app users received strange emails stating that their accounts were locked due to “unusual activity.” However, the company claims that these messages were sent in error.

The pogrom began around 6:00 PM ET, when users began to receive erroneous messages that said:

We hope you are safe and well. We recently discovered unusual activity on your Acorns account.

For your safety, we have temporarily blocked your account to prevent potential fraud.

The emails subsequently provided a phone number that users could call to unblock their account. People all over Twitter started complaining about the problem, worried that the company had been hacked.

It took a few acorns but in the end they responded by informing everyone that it seemed they were just needlessly attacking users with security warnings.

They subsequently sent out Other round of emails apologizing to everyone for the accident and reassuring them that their accounts are safe.

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Screenshot: Lucas Ropek / Acorn

Spamming was not the only problem for the company on Friday, however. It looks like people are having serious problems logging into their accounts. Around the same time the “unusual activity” emails were being sent, Downdetector reported that the Acorns platform is having problems.

V tweet to one userThe platform explained these problems with the “high volume” of user activity: “Separately, due to the high volume, all clients may have problems logging into the system. We are working hard to get everything back to normal. ”

Suffice it to say it didn’t really calm people down and many of them are furious. “Hey @acorns what happens to a blocked email address? The specified number does not work, and your application is not working now either “, tweeted by one user… “damn it. someone shot the acorns, to jerk”, – said another… Another man just suggested: “Acorn, damn it.”

We’ve contacted Acorns to try and get more details on the episode, but we haven’t received a response yet. We will update this post when they respond.

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