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A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for a record $ 2 million

Unopened copy Super Mario Bros. It has sold for $ 2 millionbreaking the previous record set by the sale of video games last month, when a collector paid $ 1.56 million to get a new version of the game. Super Mario 64… According to an image provided by Rally, the company that sold the game, the copy had a 9.8 A + rating on Vata scalewhich means that he was in an “exceptional” condition.

Once you get past the insane price tag, what makes this sale interesting is that it didn’t include an auction. Instead of, Rally positions itself as an “alternative asset investment” platform. Per New York TimesThe firm buys physical collectibles and conducts an “initial public offering” where people can buy shares of the item. When a collector wants to buy something from Rally, the company reaches out to everyone with a stake and votes on it.

In the case of this recent Super Mario Bros. In April 2020, Rally bought a copy for about $ 140,000. In the same year, investors turned down a $ 300,000 offer to the game. Even with $ 2 million at stake, some were still reluctant to part with the game, and a quarter of those who participated in the collective vote rejected the offer.

If you’ve been following the market, you probably have a good idea why some people wanted to keep the copy for a while longer. A few days before the previous record was set, the boxed version The Legend of Zelda sold at auction for $ 870,000. With no signs of a cooling market coming up anytime soon and there are so many coin-based video games out there, it seems like it’s just a matter of time before breaking a new record.

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