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6 widespread phobias left behind by technology

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By the time all the strange uncles started putting forward theories Linking 5G technology to cancer and covid-19, human conspiracies about radio waves and radiation have been spreading across the country for decades. The term for this special fear – radiophobia, literally fear of radiation in all its forms – first penetrated the public consciousness in early 1900s, a few years after doctors began using X-rays on their patients.

At the time, it made sense to be a little wary of the car your doctor was rolling out. In the early days of this technology, factory workers tasked with making X-ray tubes ended up receiving radiation burns so severe that at least one case the worker’s hand had to be amputated. Meanwhile, some of the patients who used these early devices did not end up getting sick. much better

For some reason, these fears persist in the modern era, despite the fact that federal agencies and medical authorities endless exploration showing that modern cars are, well, modern. In the century since this technology was first tested, we have created machines that detonate patients with relatively low radiation doses that are a hell of a lot safer than what people used in 1903.

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