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5 Ways to Get Rid of Targeted Ads on Android, iOS, Search, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and More – Gadgets To Use


You should come across an ad about something you chat with your friend while surfing the web, or browsing through social media😬. No matter what any Tech Giants say they all keep an eye on you in various ways, to track your business and push suggested ads. Now, that we can’t really prevent from being followed easily (unless you use some kind of anti trackers, or by turn off all sensors on your phone). But what we can do is avoid these suggested ads, in order to make the overall online experience a little better.

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5 Ways to Get Rid of Targeted Ads

Almost every online platform now has ads on it, now we also see ads in the native user interface of our smartphone, no matter what brand it is. Apple, Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oneplus, etc. We can get rid of them to some extent by following these methods.

Turn off direct ads on Google services

Google’s biggest source of revenue is Advertising, since it attacks the user model, and suggests ads based on our interest in the user in its various services such as Youtube, Google search, Gmail, etc.). We can’t really disable these ads, but we can get rid of targeted ads based on our interest.

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Get Rid of Targeted Ads on Android

Image: Satyendra Pal Singh (GadgetsToUse)

Even if you turn off ad tracking on Google services, Google can still keep track of your phone’s usage pattern. This is done by apps installed on your phone, sending the data on your user model to the Google Ad ID assigned to your device. Instead, get personalized ads in apps and games. You can check out our detailed guide at reset the data in this Ad ID or customize the custom ads, through our phone’s apps, with a single tap.

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Get Rid of Targeted Ads on iOS

Like Google, Apple also maintains an Ad ID, which helps you keep track of app usage, and serves in-app advertising on your iPhone. You can disable these targeted ads on your iPhone by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings> Privacy> Apple Advertising, and turn the Toggle Off

    iPhone showing options in Apple Advertising include options for View Ad Targeting Information and Personalized Ads
    Image: Apple

  • Go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services, and turn the Toggle Off

    iPhone showing options in Location Services including options for Location Alerts and app-specific settings
    Image: Apple

Turn off Targeted Ads on Instagram and Facebook

Image: Ritik Singh (GadgetsToUse)

Instagram is a platform full of influencers and company profiles, and Instagram try every way to make sure you buy something from the platform, whether from suggested stories or suggested posts, by wearing a sponsored tag. These can be really annoying, there is a way to turn off these suggested ads by a few simple steps, we’ve covered these steps to activate targeted ads both in Instagram and Facebook, you can check them out.

Turn Off Targeted Ads on Twitter

Image: Satyendra Pal Singh (GadgetsToUse)

Another platform where we see brands or any institution that targets us with advertising is Twitter, since we often find several tweets being promoted. Sometimes these promoted tweets cover our entire timeline, which we find almost no organic tweets in our timeline. There are few ways to get rid of these, we detail all these ways to get rid of these Twitter tweets (ads), you can check them out to improve your Twitter experience.

By following all the above mentioned ways, you can get rid of most of the targeted ads while using your phone, whether it’s a Social media app, any app or game, or even services like Gmail or Youtube. This will make your phone use experience a little better, so you may not have to worry about seeing another ad, based on a conversation with your friend.

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