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11 invasive plants worth tearing to shreds

Shred those pesky invasive plants... for the sake of the planet.

Shred those pesky invasive plants… for the sake of the planet.
A photo: Pavel Danilyuk/Pexels

Conservation is conservation, the preservation of the natural world for future generations and the health of our ecosystems. But sometimes, in order to save the local nature, you have to kill some plants. Particularly invasive plants.

Don’t get me wrong, plants are great. We need them for many things, including carbon capture. But invasive species such as these mistakes, are terrible for their adapted environment, which may not have natural predators to control their numbers. Invasive plants can be just as insidious. They drown out other plantsand it harms native animals and insects that rely on the native plant for habitat or food source.

So how to understand that the plant needs to be destroyed? This guide lists some of the most common and most dangerous– invasive species in the USA. Just remember that before you rip anything out of the ground, make sure you identify the plant correctly. One way to do this is to contact your local parks department (especially if the plant is in a public park) or to your local or state conservation department. Some of these agencies websites have close-photographs to help you identify what you see.

This article was originally published on June 27, 2022.

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