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10 Tips to Make the Most of Android Auto

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Google’s Android Auto is over six years old now, and it’s changed quite a bit in that time. The latest version is provided on Android, if you are running Android 10 or later, but you can download the stand-alone app if you haven’t already. More and more cars and car stereos now support Android Auto (and even Apple CarPlay), so if you’re just getting started with the technology, here are some of the tips you need to know.

You can actually use Android Auto without connecting to a car dashboard at all – just launch the app on your phone and fix your phone on the dashboard or windshield. The tips below apply to the wired version and the wireless version of Android Auto that works on your car’s current hardware.

1. See Traffic While Driving

Most often you use Google Maps in Android Auto in navigation mode when you go to a specific location, in which case the current traffic conditions are automatically presented. However, it’s also helpful to have Google Maps up when you know where you’re going or are just exploring. In this way, tap the cog icon (bottom left) and then turn it on The traffic activate / change to make sure you can see any delay coming.

2. Customize the Home Screen

You don’t have to settle for the default panel appearance of Android Auto. From the main app list, tap Customize, and then switch to your phone. You can decide which Auto compatible Android app will appear on your car dashboard, and in what order. It’s a good idea to get rid of apps that you’ll never use in your car, since they mean fewer icons to scroll through when trying to find the shortcut you need.

3. Set Up Shortcuts

In addition to in-app shortcuts, you can also configure shortcuts for specific contacts and Google Assistant commands on the Android Auto panel. From the app drawer on the car display, tap Customize, then open your phone and select it Add a shortcut to the launcher. Almost any command that works with Google Assistant can be added, so you can do everything from opening your garage to having your text messages read aloud to you.

Illustrations for the article titled 10 Tips to Make the Most of Android Auto

Screenshot: Google

4. Mute Specific Conversations

Having pop-up alerts while driving can be helpful if something really important comes up, but it can also be distracting if you constantly receive pings from all the group chats you’re on. To mute a conversation in one of the instant messaging apps that support Android Auto, tap a notification when it appears, then select Mute conversation on the next screen. Messages will always be sent, but alerts will not be displayed.

5. Use your voice

Voice control is certainly the safest and easiest way to control Android Auto while driving, and depending on your car you may just be able to say “Hey Google” or press a button on the steering wheel to start talking. . Tap Settings on your car screen, then Access to the phone screen, and on your phone you should see a “Hey Google” Detection switch switch – make sure it is activated if you want to use the hands-free voice control.

6. Set your default music provider

If you want Google Assistant to launch some playlists for you, but you don’t know how to know which of your Android-Supporting Auto music apps you want to use, follow these steps: From the Android Auto dashboard, select Settings and Access to the phone screen, then switch to your phone and tap it Google Assistant and Music. This will affect the Google Assistant wherever you use it, but you can also specify music services by name, if you need to.

7. Know your car

It’s worth going through the instruction manual that came with your car – or just doing a search on the web – to see what Android Auto features can be operated from your steering wheel. Features such as volume control, Google Assistant activation, and the ability to jump back and forth through playlists can often be operated by means of physical buttons on your steering wheel, which is safer. which touches the Android Auto display.

Illustrations for the article titled 10 Tips to Make the Most of Android Auto

Screenshot: Google

8. Find More Apps

If you’re wondering which apps are compatible with Android Auto – that is, which will appear on your car dash if they’re installed on your phone – then Google provides a complete list to verify. You can see that messaging apps and audio apps dominate, because Android Auto hasn’t even reached the level of a Tesla panel and can’t even play video. However, you have to find a lot on the list to keep you entertained.

9. Don’t Take Me Where I’m Going

By default, if Android Auto was playing podcasts, music, or any other audio when your phone was last disconnected from your car stereo, it would resume. from the same app the next time a connection is established in order to continue listening. If you prefer this is not happening, touch Settings then turn u Automatically picks up media change off. You will then have to manually reset your audio the next time you drive.

10. Lock and Distractions

For your own safety and the safety of other drivers, it is a good idea to activate Do not disturb your phone while driving to avoid distractions, and Android Auto can do this automatically. From the app drawer on your car screen, select it Settings so what Access to the phone screen, then on your touch phone Car settings and Behavior. The default setting of Do Not Disturb on your phone is applied, set Sound and vibration on your phone’s Settings screen.

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