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10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Nvidia Shield TV

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The Nvidia Shield TV has beaten the flagship of Android TV for several years at this point, and through regular updates, it has remained one of the best gadgets running Google’s TV operating system. If you have one of these set-top boxes under your TV, here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of it.

1. Attach a keyboard and a mouse

Attaching a keyboard and mouse to your Nvidia Shield TV device can make it much easier to enter passwords and search terms, and improve the gaming experience in many titles. If you have a model with USB ports, you should be able to put the peripherals directly on the bottom of the device and start using them after a few seconds.

Each TV Shield model supports Bluetooth wireless connections. You can add a keyboard and a mouse this way via Remote controls and accessories and Add accessories in the Settings menu. Anecdotally, some input devices seem to work better than others, so it’s worth looking for keyboards and mice that are known to work properly with TV Shield boxes.

2. Find your distance

If you have one of the latest models of the Nvidia Shield TV or the Nvidia Shield TV Pro with the triangular-shaped remote control, you can get it to make a beep if you miss it. This is the easiest on the Nvidia Shield TV cylinder, where you can just press the dedicated remote search button above the HDMI port to get the remote to beep.

On the Nvidia Shield TV Pro, you need to open Settings and select it Remote controls and accessories, SHIELD accessories, SHIELD remote 1, and Find this remote. As you lost the remote control, of course, you have to reach this menu by inserting a mouse (see above) or using the Android Remote Control app to Android o iOS to control the Shield TV.

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3. Reconnect the remote control

If you don’t like the default functions of the remote control that came with your Nvidia Shield TV for any reason, then you can switch around. The Menu button (the three horizontal lines) can be reprogrammed out of the box: From Settings, choose Remote controls and accessories, so what Customize the Menu button to choose a new function.

For the rest of the buttons, including the one with the Netflix tag on it, you need to install the always useful one Button Mapper on your device. We use it on many different pieces of Android hardware, and it will let you reset any buttons on the remote control. Some buttons can be edited for free, while others require a paid upgrade before they become accessible.

4. Rearrange the home screen

You won’t be disappointed by the default appearance of the Android TV home screen on the Nvidia Shield TV. Make sure your favorite apps and content are front and center and you can spend less time scrolling and more time watching (or playing). For example, select an app from the main list on the left, then navigate to the left to find it Move and Hunting option.

Long pressing the selection button on the navigation wheel is useful here. On the main row of the list of preferred apps at the top, for example, lets move the position of an app shortcut or drag it completely from that row. Meanwhile, you can scroll to the bottom of the home screen and select Customize channels to choose which app to view.

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5. Switch quickly between apps

If you are serious about your binge watching then you may often want to switch between different streaming apps. The Nvidia Shield TV offers a quick and intuitive way to do this, though it’s not immediately obvious — if you tap twice on the home button (with the white circle icon on it), you’ll get a quick change screen that shows recently opened applications.

6. Take screenshots of games and even more

If you need to tap something on the screen of your Nvidia Shield TV, you can do this with a long press of the home button (white circle). First of all though, you need to activate this overlay: From the main Settings screen, select it Device Preferences, System, and turn the Nvidia Share option to On.

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7. Adjust external brightness and internal performance

If the green LED swish in front of the Nvidia Shield TV Pro is a little too bright for your tastes, you can easily dim it. Open Settings then select Device Preferences, System and LED brightness, and you can choose from High, Medium, Low, o Off. If the box causes an unnatural bright light in your room, then this is how it can be solved.

At the same time System menu in Device Preferences, you can add the Processor mode parameter to one Maximum yield o Optimize. You may want to consider this if you want to save the energy that your box uses – you only need the high performance mode if you are playing games locally from the Nvidia Shield TV device itself.

8. Activate GameStream

The Nvidia Shield TV is an excellent gaming machine. Not only can it tap into the GeForce Avà cloud streaming service, but can also stream games from a compatible Windows PC elsewhere on the local network using a feature called GameStream. Open u Nvidia Games app on your Shield TV, and PC GameStream is on the Settings row.

You should do some preparation work on your Windows computer as well, assuming it meets compatibility standards (most GTX and RTX GPUs are going to work). You must have the latest GeForce drivers installed, and the GeForce Experience utility is running. In the settings of this utility, make sure GameStream is activated on the Shield page.

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9. Android Sideload app

You won’t find all the Google Play Store apps available on the Nvidia Shield TV, so they haven’t all been optimized for Android TV. To get other apps on board the device, you need to download them, which is actually easier than before. Many apps can help with this, but one of our favorites for the job is freemium File Commander.

You can use Google Drive with File Commander to move the APK (Android Application Package) files onto the Nvidia box. Get the APK for any app from a trusted source, recognized as such APKMirror. The first time you try and open an APK in File Commander, Android TV will prompt you to confirm that the file manager is authorized to install “unknown apps”.

10. Try AI upscaling

The latest Nvidia Shield TV models do an impressive job of scaling lower-resolution video sources by default, but they also offer an ‘enhanced AI’ upscaling option that tries to intelligently insert detail into frames as well as make them larger. It can improve a lot of video, and you can even make a side-by-side comparison on your device.

From the Settings screen, select AI upscaling, then choose AI-Enhanced. There are three levels of improvement to choose from High, Medium, and Low. Be sure to turn it on again Activate demo mode change the switch to start, which allows you to press the Menu button on the far side (the three horizontal lines, at the top right) to see a side-by-side view.

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