You can buy some Delta Air Lines right now

DigitalOcean: “Look, he’s in the right place. These are developer tools. I’ve always liked these kinds of companies. I think you are in good shape. This is a very large number of stocks, and this is what is causing the recession. “

Waksart: “You can speculate about it … but it was not a winner and I don’t think that will change.”

Gore Guggenheim: “No. I looked at this. We talked about this with people from the investment club. We got together and said, “Okay, one more, one more, one more. I’m not there. I am not. ” supports this group. I just can not “.

ThredUp: “Commodities. Too many other companies are doing the same thing right now. Anyway, your hope with ThredUp is that Macy’s will make a byproduct of their ecommerce business and then buy these guys. Otherwise, I say … there is no way out. “

Nokia: “I really loved Nokia. I’ll tell you why I felt this way: because we tried to shut down the Chinese in many different telecommunications infrastructures, and this is starting to play a role because people all over the world are a little tired of their repression. The tactic of repression does not suit the democracies that Nokia is selling to. I like them. “

Delta Air Lines: “Delta is very interesting because I think you should buy it tomorrow and then buy more if omicron gets worse, because Delta is a very good company and it has become, besides United, my favorite airline. … “

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