Wouldn’t recommend Nio or any Chinese stocks

Faith: “Faith in [Phase 3] for a very important symptom of breast cancer. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved them on a fast track this morning. This is $ 5. It didn’t make any sense that the stock didn’t go up to me. I thought it was supposed to be on the news. ”

Nio: “No. I do not recommend this. Do not recommend any Chinese stocks. In particular, I don’t like these promotions. I just feel like there are people who want to speculate in China all the time. China than what we’re used to. It is a communist country that seems to no longer approve of capitalist development. ”

Grab Holdings: “We thought it was interesting when we looked at it. We love it. He has so much more than just Uber … I love promotions. I like it. We liked it when we looked at it. ”

International Paper: “Cheap stocks, but always cheap stocks. I don’t want stocks that will always be cheap. I want stocks that are going up. ”

SMART Global Holdings: “I have to reconsider this because this is about smartphones and smartphones are under pressure here.”

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Denial of responsibility

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