Walmart shooter bought a gun on the day of the attack and left a death note

Police tape is seen at the scene of a fatal shooting at a Walmart store on November 23, 2022 in Chesapeake, Virginia.

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walmart The night crew chief who shot and killed six of his colleagues on Tuesday used a gun he bought on the morning of the attack and left behind a “death note,” according to details released Friday by Chesapeake, Virginia officials.

New details indicate that Andre Bing, 31, used a 9mm handgun he legally purchased from a local store on the same day the shooting took place.

The officers said they found ammunition, a receipt, and paperwork related to the purchase of the weapons at Byng’s home.

Police responded to the shooting shortly after 10 p.m. ET Tuesday, minutes after the attack was reported and just days before Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday shopping season. Among the victims was a 16-year-old boy. officials said. The dead were honored during a vigil on Thursday evening.

Byng, who officials said had no criminal record, died at the scene from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

A note found on Bing’s cell phone contained complaints the mass murderer had about his colleagues and provided insight into his potential motives for the fatal shooting.

In the note, which mentioned God and the Holy Spirit, Bing described alleged harassment by his colleagues. His former colleagues, according to New York Timesdescribed him as “weird” and said that he sometimes displayed a “distasteful attitude”.

The department added that two of the victims are in hospitals in the region. One remains in critical condition, while the other recovers.

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