Vir and GSK ‘may have something’ to fight the omicron

Enbridge (ENB): “This action has just been tormented. However, it gives 7% profit. it [CEO] Al Monaco. They have a great long term business. I don’t understand why it is falling, other than the fact that oil suddenly dropped from $ 80 to $ 70 to $ 64. Buy Enbridge “.

On Semiconductor (ON): “We have [CEO] Hassan El-Khoury several times. I consider him a genius. He linked Cypress with this. He has the best car chips. He has the Internet of Things. For me, this action is a purchase. “

Robinhood (HOOD): “Problem with Robinhood: They have the wrong customer base. They have a great app. But remember when this young man came up to me and said, “Why I use Robinhood because I’m” I’m tired of Candy Crush. ” There must be more than that. “

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