travel search for Germany following Singapore’s vaccinated travel route

A Singapore Airlines plane is parked next to Scoots passenger plane on the tarmac of the terminal at Changi International Airport in Singapore on March 15, 2021.

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Interest in travel between Singapore and Germany skyrocketed after a so-called vaccinated travel route between the two countries was announced, meaning inoculated travelers could skip quarantine.

The popular online travel booking site Expedia said travel searches from Singapore to destinations in Germany have increased almost 10fold, compared to the average of the last seven days, since Friday afternoon.

Interest was also high to travel from Germany to Singapore, the site said. “While Singapore has never been one of the top 10 destination destinations for German travelers, it was interesting to see interest in traveling to Singapore from Frankfurt and Munich jumped by 70% in the last 24 hours,” said Lavinia Rajaram , head of APAC communications at Expedia, in a statement Friday.

“With the launch of the vaccinated travel scheme, this will surely augur well with those who are already vaccinated and have the desire to travel, and will give a very welcome boost to the travel industry,” adds Rajaram.

Singapore’s vaccinated travel route with Germany was announced Thursday by the city-state, which has also extended this initiative to Brunei.

Applications for quarantine-free travel to Singapore from Germany or Brunei will open from September, but come with certain conditions. Fully vaccinated people traveling to Singapore will undergo four Covid tests – one two days before departure, one on arrival, one on day three and the other on day seven.

Other conditions for traveling to Singapore from Germany or Brunei include:

  • Travel on designated, non-stop flights through the vaccinated travel route (VTL);
  • Rest in Germany or Brunei for 21 consecutive days before the flight;
  • Download a contact tracking app in Singapore.

In ticket prices, Expedia’s Rajaram added that airlines offering flights under the scheme have announced “competitive prices”.

Yet, Rajaram said: “It’s too early to conclude whether prices will rise in the next few days – but we can expect demand to grow closer to the holiday season. ”

Searches to travel from Hong Kong, Macau are also growing

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