Top US Travel Destinations for European Travelers

When the US announced plans to lift the 18-month travel ban in September, Europeans wasted no time in making plans, especially the British.

In the 24 hours following the September 20 announcement, flights from London to New York were searched 1.4 million times, according to global technology company Travelport, making it the most searched for flights to the United States.

However, this route did not receive the most bookings on that day.

Europeans have booked the most on the other route – from London to Orlando – according to Travelport, which analyzes bookings made through travel agents and websites such as Priceline and

This “underscores the return in travel demand,” said Katie Kline, senior director of Travelport.

Return to business trip

In the 24 hours following the September 20 travel announcement, searches for flights from London to New York averaged around 1,000 searches per minute.

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On October 15, the Biden administration announced that the new rules would take effect on November 8. This has sparked a flood of bookings from business travelers for travel until the end of the year.

“With the second announcement, corporate travel from London to New York has nearly doubled,” Kline said.

Hotel booking data from travel marketing company Adara confirms this trend.

Adara | Booking period from 1st September to 8th November | The travel period is from November 8 to January 9.

European tourists and business travelers were booking hotels in the United States at similar prices until mid-October. After that, the number of business orders increased dramatically.

Where Europeans Go

The popularity of the Orlando route soon overshadowed the more anticipated transatlantic flight path, from London to New York, Kline said.

New York is also the best place to book hotels, according to Adara.

Adara | Hotel reservations: from September 1st to November 8th | Travel: from November 8 to January 9 at your leisure; From November 8 to December 18 for business

European travelers also prefer cities and “sunny locations,” the company said.

Most cities continue to generate less interest from Europeans than they did in 2019, according to Adara. Nonetheless, according to Adara, hotel bookings in Phoenix by business travelers grew 84%, and Honolulu’s by 139%. Miami has also returned to its pre-pandemic development.

Phoenix attracts business for its decent air connections, excellent golfing, sun and outdoor activities.

Caroline Korda

Adara, Commercial and Marketing Director

“ Need to travel now ”

Since September, the main “markets of origin” for travel from Europe to the US have been the UK, the Netherlands, France and Germany, Adara said.

But according to Travelport, the British are in the lead. Its data showed that in the 24 hours after the travel announcement on September 20, flights from the UK bound for the United States were searched more often than flights from all other European countries combined.

After the announcement of 15 October The number of flights from the UK to the US on Thanksgiving weekend increased by 2,200%. Kline said she thinks it has to do with family reunions for the holidays, as well as Brits who love to shop on Black Friday in the United States.

“It also underscores the big trend we are seeing in terms of ‘need to travel now,’” she said. “November was the most popular month to travel to the US from Europe, and November 8 – opening day – was the most popular departure date.”

Recovery is in full swing

The rise in international travel is positive news for the beleaguered travel industry, Kline said. [had] such a significant increase in transatlantic corporate travel since the start of the pandemic. “

However, the industry is still far from full recovery. According to Adara, aggregate demand for hotel bookings from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in the United States is down 43% from 2019.

British business travelers made half of all U.S. hotel bookings at the end of 2021, the same as in 2019, Adara said.

Adara | Reservations from September 1st to November 2nd | Travel from November 8 to December 18.


Hotel bookings by business travelers from Germany (-65%) and Switzerland (-56%) also dropped markedly, while Israelis (-21%) bookings are closer to pre-pandemic levels.

Dutch business travelers do not seem to be left out, however. Adara’s data shows that the number of US hotels booked in the Netherlands is up 44% this year compared to 2019.

However, both the speed and length of the reservation, as well as interest in densely populated urban areas, are all optimistic signs of recovery, according to a report from Adara published in October.

“We expect these trends to continue to gain momentum,” the statement said.

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