The states are already telling all adults to take third shots

Safeway pharmacist Shahrzad Hobyari (right) injects a Pfizer COVID-19 booster into Chen Knifsend’s arm at a booster clinic October 1, 2021 in San Rafael, California.

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State officials from California to Maine say or allow their adults to receive the Covid-19 booster vaccine, ditching the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s advice to only vaccinate seniors and other high-risk groups.

Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, New Mexico, Vermont, and West Virginia are promoting the widespread adoption of booster packs for any fully vaccinated adult. New York and Rhode Island are asking adults living in high-exposure areas for additional stimulation, while New Jersey and Minnesota plan to expand eligibility in the coming days. California is also asking health care providers not to deny adults who request revaccinations.

Last month, the CDC approved third doses for some Pfizer and Moderna recipients at least six months after completing their first two shots. This includes those 65 and older, adults with medical conditions known to cause complications from Covid, all individuals 18 and older working or living in crowded areas, and all adult frontline workers facing workplace exposure. … Boosters are also available to all adult Johnson & Johnson recipients at least two months after vaccination.

“The data indicates that the effectiveness of the vaccine deteriorates over time, and this is the reason for the revaccination,” Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said in a briefing on Monday. “And we want to make sure everyone over 18 is eligible and encouraged to receive a booster.”

More than 247,000 Arkansas residents received an additional dose as of Thursday, according to the state’s online Covid-19 panel. Arkansas Department of Health spokesman Danielle McNeill told CNBC in an email on Tuesday that “the vast majority of adults in Arkansas” were already considered a high-risk center by the CDC before Hutchinson issued his recommendation.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice on Monday urged all adults in the state to get their boosters, adding that fully vaccinated residents would be “very stupid” if they didn’t register for the additional vaccine. More than 53,400 West Virginia residents received booster doses, the state Department of Health and Human Resources said Thursday.

“I absolutely believe that if you are 18, you can get a revolving injection,” Justice said in a press briefing on Monday.

The governors of Colorado and New Mexico issued executive orders last week to formalize booster access for the entire adult population. More than 292,700 people in New Mexico and approximately 781,400 people in Colorado have received boosters, according to the latest figures compiled by both states.

“The number of cases is significant, the prevalence is too high, and the Delta variant is much more transmitted than the previous variants,” Acting New Mexico Minister of Health, Dr. David Screis, said in a November 12 statement. our hospitals are overcrowded and some of them have declared crisis standards of care. “

As of Thursday, nearly 93% of intensive care beds in New Mexico were occupied, with Covid patients occupying 40% of all intensive care beds, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. HHS estimated that about 82% of intensive care beds in Colorado were full, of which 38% were occupied by patients with the virus.

Kentucky followed suit on Wednesday with a directive approving boosters for fully vaccinated adults, while Connecticut, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont expanded their booster programs this week without resorting to an official directive.

New York and Rhode Island have not gone so far as to allow all of their residents 18 and older to get promoted, but they are urging anyone facing heightened Covid risk to defend themselves with another shot. But New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi has ordered doctors and pharmacists to give boosters to any adult who asks for it.

“We continue to have higher transmission rates, winter is approaching, and cases have increased,” Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott, director of the Rhode Island Department of Health, said in a briefing Tuesday. “Everyone 18 and older is at a higher risk of infection, so we want to hear from you that you can go ahead and get an extra injection.”

On November 9, the California Department of Public Health also released new guidance that encourages healthcare providers to administer a booster shot to all adults who decide they need additional protection from the virus.

Officials in Minnesota and New Jersey added this week that they plan to simplify their booster criteria soon. The push to give the broader population access to additional doses is that Pfizer and Moderna have filed applications asking the FDA to clear their boosters for Americans 18 and older.

The FDA may approve the Pfizer booster for all adults this week. With final CDC approval, fully vaccinated adults can begin receiving these vaccinations before Thanksgiving.

“We are communicating with our federal partners that this week we are preparing to independently move forward to expand freer eligibility unless action is taken at the federal level,” Minnesota Health Commissioner Ian Malcolm said at a briefing. Covid on Tuesday.

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