The only game I can think of is Nvidia.

Verizon: “Yes, you’re getting good dividends. He is fine. This will absolutely not bring you huge wealth, but it will create a good stream of income. Sometimes it’s worth it. “

Pfizer: “Pfizer is doing so well and I think it will be even better. Let me tell you, this is an amazing company that deserves all the good things that happen to them because they did a great job at [Covid] vaccine “.

Alteryx: “I can’t believe how far these stocks have gone. This is a really great product, but these are stocks that are not in vogue, and I warn people to hold on because they will bounce and then we will. solution.”

Aurora Innovation: “It’s autonomous driving. When we do autonomous driving, we only think of one company and … its name is Nvidia. Good? That’s all”.

Arbor Realty Trust: “I will not buy mezzanine lending companies because I don’t know what is really inside them. I have to go through. “

Logitech: “They gutted it, and now it’s dropped to $ 80. I cannot advise you to sell this company. Her stocks are too small and she has a lot of good things in the pipe. I’m not going to tell. sell to Logitech. “

Keysight Technologies: “This thing was just a rocket ship … I would take some off the table and then leave it to the rest.”

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