The current value of the NFTs is yet to be determined By Cointelegraph

Beyond the hype: the real value of NFT is yet to be determined

It’s 2021. Super Bowl champion Tom Brady starts an NFT company, Christie’s is explaining CryptoPunks to all, Saturday Night Live is raising jams about NFTs, Beeple and Mark Cuban support the use case of NFTs – yet, behold, the CEO of a company that helps users safely save their non-fungible tokens and always thinks that the true value of NFTs is up to them.

It’s important to make a backup and remember that even though it seems like we’ve all known about NFT, the opposite is true. Until this year, NFTs were not only an idea of ​​novelty that would never be a story on cable news, but their use case was still in operation in the blockchain industry. Although the recent hype has been amusing, I think this current iteration of NFT is far from the revolutionary potential that will change the game that can really unlock it for entire industries.

Kosala Hemachandra is the founder of the non-custodial portfolio MyEtherWallet (MEW). Since 2015, MEW has been a leading portfolio interface for the blockchain. Today, MEW provides convenient and secure access to the entire Ethereum ecosystem, including DApps, DeFi and beyond.