The Brookdale Senior Living nursing home chain is imposing the vaccine on staff

Brookdale Senior Living, a large operator of assisted living and qualified nursing facilities in the United States, will require its staff to vaccinate against Covid, CEO Cindy Baier told CNBC on Friday.

The move comes when the highly transmissible delta variant leads to an increase in coronavirus cases in the country, including in nursing homes. Between July 25 and August 1, cases of coronavirus among residents in nursing homes increased by 38%, although levels remained well below previous peaks, Sionti to WHO.

Vaccines provide vulnerable residents with immune protection that was not allowed in the early stages of the pandemic, when long-term care facilities were the epicenter of devastating outbreaks. Through the Brookdale Senior Living facility, which is located in 41 states, 93% of residents are vaccinated, Baier told CNBC.

“After widespread access to the vaccine, we are in a much better position to treat the pandemic,” he said in an interview on “Power Lunch.”

However, rising levels of coronavirus infection across the nation also increase the risk for nursing home residents, many of whom are older and have underlying conditions that make Covid more dangerous for them. Increasing vaccination rates among staff, who come and go from the establishment, can play a crucial role in seeking to limit the likelihood that a fire will break out.

Covid vaccines have been shown to be effective not only in reducing the likelihood of severe illness or death from the disease, but studies suggest that they also offer protection against infection.

“We want to [have] every Brookdale associate we can vaccinate. For us, even though our efforts have been ongoing for several months, even as our associated vaccination rates increase, we want them to be even higher, “Baier said.” That’s why we chose to go for a vaccination requirement with limited exceptions. “

By the end of July, about 82% of nursing home residents in the United States were completely vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, vaccination rates among health care professionals are lower at about 59%. Overall, 49.9% of the U.S. population is completely vaccinated while 58.2% have had at least one stroke, according to the CDC.

Earlier this week, Genesis Healthcare, another major nursing home operator in the United States, he announced that he needed workers to receive the Covid vaccine to be employed. Aside from long-term assistance, a number of other large corporations have recently adopted stricter vaccination policies for employees, including United Airlines on Friday.

The actions are seen as a shock to the nation’s vaccination rate, which had slowed considerably since the spring and encouraged U.S. health officials to step up their efforts to convince hesitant Americans to get the shots. Covid.

Many southern states that have low vaccination rates have seen upticks in recently administered shots, as the Covid delta variant has intensified, according to a CNBC analysis of CDC data. In Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Arkansas, the weekly average reported the first doses more than doubled since the beginning of July.

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