That’s why identity software company Okta is planning to open a retail location in New York.

Tech firm Okta recently signed a lease for retail space in New York, which might seem unusual for an identity management software company.

However, in an interview Wednesday with CNBC’s Jim Kramer, Okta co-founder and CEO Todd McKinnon said it would allow the company to demonstrate the benefits of its software in practice.

“One of the challenges with identifying technology and talking about that vision is sometimes hard to imagine,” McKinnon said on Mad Money. “I’m talking about things like technology integration, connectivity, and having this central policy engine, but if you’re running a company, you know you need to provide the right security. You know you need to keep in touch with your customers. You know you have simple technologies and tools to keep your employees productive, but it’s not always clear how identity fits into them. “

This is where Octa’s plans for physical location come into play. San Francisco firm announced at the end of last month he signed a lease for retail space in the Flatiron area of ​​Manhattan. Okta said in a press release that what it calls the “Center of Experience” will be over 6,500 square feet.

In practice, Okta allows employees of other companies to easily and securely log into various software service platforms without the need for individual logins. Okta is currently integrated with over 7,000 applications and infrastructure providers.

“We want to build space in the Flatiron area of ​​New York that will help management see this,” said McKinnon, a former Salesforce executive who co-founded what became Okta more than a decade ago.

Okta expects its Experience Center to open in November 2022.

“They can look at the product, and we can explain to them from the perspective of the end user, from the IT administrator, chief security officer, and board member or executive,” McKinnon told Kramer. “You can see, touch and feel how identity fits into your environment and how it can solve these problems for you – how it can make your workforce more productive, how it can improve customer service and how it can, most importantly , make you safer. “

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