Tesla boss Elon Musk criticized Biden and Democrats on Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk blasted the Biden administration and Democrats on Twitter on Friday as the world’s richest man doubled down on his pledge to vote Republican.

Musk, in a tweet, accused the Biden administration of doing “everything possible to sideline” and ignore Tesla despite its dominance of the electric vehicle industry.

Musk, who is making increasingly dangerous attempts to buy Twitter for $44 billion, suggested on Thursday that Democrats would target him with a smear campaign after he announced he would vote for Republican candidates.

“In the past, I voted for the Democrats because they were (mostly) the goodness party. But they have become a party of discord and hatred, so I can no longer support them and will vote Republican, ”Musk wrote on Thursday.

“Now watch their dirty campaign unfold against me…,” he wrote, ending the tweet with a “popcorn” emoji.

A few hours later on Thursday Business Insider published a report that was like a bombshell. Expanding on claims that Musk showed his genitals to a private jet stewardess when he asked her for a full-body massage during a SpaceX flight to London. The report says that he offered to buy her a horse for her tacit consent to his alleged sexual requests.

Musk denied the woman’s claims. The insider said they were detailed in a written statement by her friend, filed in support of a complaint the woman filed with SpaceX Human Resources.

But neither Musk nor SpaceX denied a Business Insider report that the aerospace firm he founded and heads paid the woman $250,000 in severance pay in exchange for her silence after she complained about his alleged behavior.

Musk wrote in a tweet: “Attacking me should be seen through a political lens – that’s their standard (despicable) play – but nothing will stop me from fighting for a good future and your right to free speech.”

On Thursday, after Musk tweeted that he expected a “dirty tricks campaign against me” following his announcement that he would vote Republican, Democratic podcaster Jon Favreau responded to Musk.

“Hey man, if you want to support a group of climate deniers who hate electric cars, then that’s your responsibility,” wrote Favreau, who was President Barack Obama’s speechwriter.

“I’m not sure if this will help the cause you and your team have devoted most of your life to, but I think you’ll get attention on Twitter, so here it is!” Favreau wrote.

Musk responded on Friday by writing: “Hi John! You’re a good dude, but obviously a diehard Dem, so you should support the party, but this administration has done everything possible to sideline and ignore Tesla, even though we made twice as many electric cars as the rest of the US industry combined. .

Earlier this week at the All In Summit in Miami, Musk said he would classify himself as “a moderate, not a Republican or a Democrat” who has voted “overwhelmingly” Democrat in the past.

“Perhaps I would never have voted Republican. Now, these elections? I will,” Musk said at the event.

“The Democratic Party is overly controlled by unions and trial lawyers, especially class action lawyers,” he said.

Musk’s dispute with the Biden administration dates back to August last year. He was not invited to the signing ceremony for President Joe Biden’s executive order urging automakers to sell more electric vehicles, but executives from General Motors, Ford and Chrysler were.

“Yes, it seems strange that Tesla was not invited,” Musk wrote.

In February, it was reported that Biden had no plans to invite Musk to White House meetings with corporate leaders anytime soon.

That same month, Musk told CNBC via email that Biden was ignoring Tesla in favor of legacy automakers.

“The idea of ​​enmity is not entirely correct. Biden pointedly ignored Tesla at every turn and falsely told the public that GM was leading the electric vehicle industry when in fact Tesla produced over 300,000 electric vehicles last quarter and GM produced 26. Musk said in an email at the time.

Last month, Musk, GM CEO Mary Barra and other top auto industry executives met with senior Biden administration officials about electric vehicle charging stations.

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