Strong profits can help the market overcome a historically difficult period

CNBC’s Jim Kramer on Friday anticipated key market events next week after the S&P 500 rallied for the seventh straight day to close at a record high of 4697.53.

“We need to see if these rosy events continue until next week, a period that has historically tended to lead to ugly selloffs … But if profits stay high, well, I think the stock market could stay strong, too,” said Kramer.

Here’s what the “Mad Money” host will keep a close eye on. All revenue and earnings per share estimates are from FactSet.

Jim Cramer’s game plan for the trading week of November 8th.

Mad Money with Jim Kramer

Monday: Income from PayPal and AMC Entertainment; events from AMD and Nvidia

Tuesday: Wynn Resorts, Upstart Holdings, Coinbase and DoorDash

Wednesday: Wendy’s meeting, Dutch Bros, Walt Disney Co. and Mastercard.

Thursday: Tapestry and Yeti

Friday: AstraZeneca and Warby Parker

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