Scotts Miracle-Gro is a purchase

Vertiv Holdings: “Yes, absolutely. I like the company. I like the business model. I love that Dave Cat is still chairman of the board. You have a winner. “

Paysafe: “I don’t know how the hell it got so low … Think of me as a buyer, not a seller. I mean it loses money, but it doesn’t manually lose money. ”

Alteryx: “This is again an example of a stock that doesn’t match what I said would work in 2022 when I called my investment club. This is a company that I really like, that is losing a lot of money, which is really a data warehouse sourcing business – Alteryx – her warehouse cannot operate here. I know it sounds so bad that I say it can’t work, but I held on to it … and I don’t change in my opinion. “

Matterport: “We had a question from the viewer. Digital scan, 3D, we love 3D, but again remember, [Matterport is] not making money. If he does not bring money, he cannot grow in this environment. ”

Scotts Miracle Gro: “I love this inventory. I think it will be a great inventory for the spring. I think gardening will come back again. Who knew we would still be with Covid? And he’s doing well. during the gardening season, so I’m a buyer. ”

Guardant Health: “They’re just wasting money up front … and therefore it doesn’t work. I know when I say it doesn’t work it sounds so heartless, but I’m going back to the December club meeting when I said you no longer own it. ”

Trade Desk: “This is a great company. We have [CEO] Jeff Green many times, but he sells for 100x the profit. We said that if this is more than 50 times the earnings, and this is not Snowflake, we do not want to recommend. Why Snowflake? Because they are really all right to have that amount. ”

Enovix: “Since these are lithium batteries, I’m going to work on them more. Lithium, these stocks are not working now either, but I want to work on them again and I will come back to you. ”

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