Retail Profits to Reveal the Impact of Higher Prices

“You have all these hedge fund billionaires looking to shoot the fast-growing stocks of this era, especially the Nasdaq titles. They go on the air and blow up these stocks and then look like idiots when the dignitaries come. “Roaring back a few days later,” Kramer said of the market this week. “It was the shorting,” which spurred the market at the end of the week, he added.

Kramer said the following week: “Look for a week in which the shorts are still trapped, the consumer is resilient, and the technology isn’t working, if only because they’ve worked so hard. But there is an opportunity in this – to wait for the recession. many of these stocks are too high. ”He also said to look at the oil to make sure he topped up.

There is a long list of retail incomes that will give an idea of ​​how American consumers feel about spending their money and whether they become more frugal as prices rise. Investors also hope to understand what these companies, including Walmart and Target, are looking forward to ahead of the holiday shopping season.

Here’s what the host of “Mad Money” will be watching. All revenue and earnings per share estimates are from FactSet. Hourly time – ET.

Monday: Tyson Foods and Lucid

Tyson Foods

  • Profit for the 4th quarter of 2021 before the call, conference call at 9:00
  • Estimated earnings per share $ 2.22
  • Revenue $ 12.66 billion

“If you’re looking for inflation,” Kramer said, “you’ll find it at Tyson Foods.” He added: “We know that food inflation will hit everyone hard. Tyson will surely hit the bullish case. “

Lucid Group

  • Results of the third quarter of 2021 after the call, conference call at 17:00
  • Estimated loss per share ($ 0.25)
  • Revenue 1.3 million dollars

“The luxury electric car maker … could be re-evaluated after Rivian’s monstrous move this week,” Kramer said. “We will be in San Francisco next week, where we hope to catch a glimpse of Lucid’s car. I think this is one of the few companies that is heralding the decline of internal combustion engines … You know, I like Tesla and Rivian, but given the state of this market, I’m sure any of them can work here. “

Tuesday: Walmart and Home Depot

Wednesday: Target, Cisco and Nvidia

Thursday: Macy’s, Kohl’s, Applied Materials, Workday and Palo Alto Networks


  • Q3 2021 before the call, conference call at 8:00
  • EPS Estimate $ 0.30
  • Revenue 5.19 billion dollars


  • Profit for Q3 2021 before call, conference call at 9:00
  • Estimated earnings per share $ 0.70.
  • Revenue $ 4.26 billion

“As I tell you all the time, I love retail right now because the customer is so strong that it can outweigh any concerns about stock shortages,” Kramer said. “The important thing is that there are very few promotions. They can sell almost anything for the full price of what they have, and this increases their inventory. “

Applied materials

  • Profit for the 4th quarter of 2021 after the call, conference call at 16:30
  • Estimated earnings per share $ 1.96
  • Revenue $ 6.38 billion

“Applied Materials typically trades with Micron, a major chip maker, and Micron has been at its peak all week, although no one else talks about it except me,” Kramer said.


  • Profit for the first quarter of 2022 after the call, conference call at 16:30
  • Valuation per share 97 cents
  • Revenue 1.81 billion dollars

“We also hear from Intuit, the small business owner’s best friend. This software company is consistently great. She will be amazing again, ”said Kramer.

Working day

  • Profit for the third quarter of 2022 after the call, conference calls 16:30
  • Earnings per share $ 0.87
  • Revenue 1.31 billion dollars

“There is Workday, cloud-based human capital, and real money management software. I think Workday’s latest acquisition is crushing him. The last quarter was amazing for them, ”said Kramer.

Palo alto networks

  • Profit for Q1 2022 after call, conference call at 16:30
  • Valuation per share $ 1.57
  • Revenue 1.2 billion dollars

“With so many people still working from home, I think this is a golden age for cybersecurity companies,” Kramer said. “The last few quarters have been unusual [at Palo Alto]… You know what, you’ll get another one. “

Friday: Foot Locker

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