Nationwide $3 Film Deal Attracts Record Buyers on National Film Day

AMC Cinema in New York.

Scott Mlyn | CNBC

A $3 movie ticket promotion designed to boost theater sales on a typical business sleepy weekend attracted 8.1 million customers, according to the National Association of Theater Owners.

Based on these numbers, Saturday was the best day of the year to go to the cinema.

Cinemas earned $24.3 million in ticket sales through the National Cinema Day promotion, according to Comscore. The media analytics firm said it was up 9% from the previous week.

More than 3,000 theaters and 30,000 theaters in the US have participated in the initiative, including major chains such as AMC Entertainment and Regal Cinemas, as well as independent theaters. Popular films included Paramount’s Top Gun: Maverick, Warner Bros Discovery’s DC Super Pet League, and Sony’s Bullet Train.

Some cinema chains also offered discounts on concessions.

Ticket sales have plummeted in recent weeks, due in part to fewer summer releases.

The Cinema Foundation, a non-profit organization affiliated with the National Association of Theater Owners, hopes the discounted ticketing initiative will encourage shoppers to return to theaters, especially ahead of some big releases slated for the fall, such as Warner Bros.’s Black Adam. discovery. and Disney’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

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