National Guard and Labor Market and Supply Chain

Employers in the United States are facing unprecedented labor shortages. Supply chains are slowing down. Politicians are looking for every opportunity to keep the economy moving, and one option is the US military.

The National Guard has filled in the gaps to help with Covid testing, healthcare, and distribution of personal protective equipment. Some states, such as Massachusetts, also used security guards to help drive buses to schools, and states such as Texas sent soldiers to the border to help with immigration controls.

“We are also seeing other senior Guard leaders refusing to undertake some of these upcoming second-order pandemic-related missions,” said Davis Winky, an Army Times reporter. “Like driving a school bus, or, you know, applying for unemployment benefits or substituting employees for surveys, supporting the food bank – the list of second-order coronavirus missions continues to grow.”

One of the tasks that could be assigned to a security guard is to support port operations and general logistics to try and alleviate the supply chain problems facing the country.

“They can do a little something around the edges, but that won’t solve the problem,” said Scott Linsicom, senior fellow for economic research at the Cato Institute. “You’re talking about a drop in a bucket amid a tidal wave of imports and the associated pressures on logistics and supply chains. It just won’t be the kind of change the system really needs – although it might, you know, might be a few extra Christmas gifts. here on time. “

Watch the video to see how the National Guard is fighting the labor crisis.

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