Mark Benioff says he “never leaves” Salesforce, excited Bret Taylor – co-CEO

Salesforce’s Mark Benioff told CNBC’s Jim Kramer on Tuesday that he will “never leave” the enterprise software giant he co-founded in 1999, but is pleased to have Bret Taylor join him as co-CEO.

Benioff’s comments in an interview with Mad Money came shortly after Salesforce announced Taylor’s promotion. Prior to becoming co-CEO, Taylor served as President and Chief Operating Officer since 2019.

“I love Salesforce. You see me with our clients and how much fun I have in communicating with all of our stakeholders. I never leave Salesforce. This is my life’s aspiration, ”said Benioff, who is also the chairman of the board of directors of the company.

“But I’m very happy to have a great partner here – Bret Taylor, and he’s just amazing,” Benioff continued. “It’s my dream for Bret to come to the company and we could work on it, manage it together and lead it together in a strong partnership, and that happens.”

Kramer asked Benioff if Taylor’s appointment as co-CEO of the outspoken billionaire entrepreneur meant “go to the beach, run for president, or whatever, or are you going to stay co-CEO?”

In asking the question, Kramer noted that rumors about Benioff’s future as CEO emerged in August 2018, when Salesforce named Keith Block as CEO. Block stepped down in February 2020, leaving Benioff as sole CEO until Taylor’s promotion on Tuesday.

Taylor, 41, joined Salesforce in 2016 after the company acquired his productivity software startup Quip. He previously worked at Google and Facebook, and on Monday became chairman of the board of Twitter.

Salesforce stock tumbled in extended trading on Tuesday after the company released its latest quarterly results. While revenue and earnings per share beat forecasts, the company’s fourth-quarter earnings forecast was worse than Wall Street had expected.

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