Manhattan District Attorney Says Criminal Investigation Against Trump Continues

Former US President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the Florence Regional Airport in Florence, South Carolina, USA March 12, 2022.

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The Manhattan District Attorney, in an unusual statement Thursday, sought to reassure the public that his criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization is ongoing despite the resignations of the two prosecutors who led the investigation.

“The team working on this investigation is made up of dedicated and experienced professional prosecutors,” District Attorney Alvin Bragg said.

“They’re looking at documents, interviewing witnesses, and looking at evidence that hasn’t been looked at before,” Bragg said.

“In keeping with the long and proud tradition of prosecuting white-collar workers in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, we thoroughly investigate and follow the facts without fear or preference.”

Bragg’s announcement came two weeks after the release of a letter to him from Mark Pomeranz, who, along with Carey Dunn, resigned from leading the Trump investigation in February after Bragg reportedly told them he had doubts about the indictment. Trump.

“The team that investigated Mr. Trump is in no doubt as to whether he committed crimes—he did,” Pomerantz wrote in that letter.

Pomerantz said they were felonies related to the “preparation and use of his annual financial statements” which were “false”.

Pomeranz wrote to Bragg that the district attorney’s decision not to file charges against Trump and “indefinitely” to suspend the three-year investigation “is against the public interest.”

In a statement Thursday, Bragg said, “The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has been repeatedly asked in recent weeks whether our investigation into former President Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization and its leadership is ongoing.”

“That’s right,” Bragg wrote.

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He also brushed aside reports that he allowed the grand jury hearing evidence in the case to cease to exist without producing an indictment.

“As anyone who has worked on criminal cases in New York knows, grand juries are constantly sitting in New York County,” the district attorney said.

Bragg also said that while he understands “the desire of the public to learn more about our investigative activities … the law requires secrecy during an investigation.”

Bragg also said: “While I am currently prohibited by law from making further comments, I promise that the Office will publicly announce the findings of our investigation – whether we conclude our work without charge or file an indictment.”

The District Attorney also stated that “as State and Federal Attorney for the Southern District of New York, I have successfully brought cases involving money laundering, witness tampering, mortgage fraud, official misconduct and bribery.”

“And I went where the facts took me, pursuing two mayors, a city councilman, an FBI agent, a former Senate Majority Leader, a district attorney, and business executives.

“Indeed, I am not alien to lawsuits involving the former president himself. As New York State Deputy Attorney General, I oversaw the successful lawsuit against the former president, his family, and the Trump Foundation.”

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