Mandatory Vaccines Increase on Job Lists

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Job advertisements require more and more job seekers to get vaccinated, a trend that looks set to continue.

According to analysis posted Tuesday by Ladders, a career site for people with higher incomes.

“That something is doubling from the previous month indicates a real change in the economies and behavior of companies,” said Mark Cenedella, founder and CEO of Ladders.

It usually takes years or even decades for job posting trends to develop, he said.

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However, the proportion of advertisements requiring a vaccine remains low compared to the total. According to the analysis, about 10,000 posts – 5% of the total – required the Covid-19 vaccine as of October 31.

But the rapid acceleration is noteworthy and suggests that trend will continue for the foreseeable future, Senedella said.

(Analysis of jobs with at least $ 80,000 per year examines listings on Ladders website, as well as public announcements on corporate US career websites)

Likewise, 2% of all job postings in the US on job sites actually advertise the need for vaccinations, according to economist Ann-Elizabeth Konkel. analyzed company data as of October 22nd.

By comparison, about 0.5% of Indeed jobs required a vaccine two months earlier.

In October, the proportion of some occupations was also higher compared to others: according to Indeed, almost 7% of pharmacy and childcare job advertisements contained vaccination requirements.

The Biden administration is expected to issue a regulation soon requiring larger private sector employers to prescribe vaccines for workers. (The unvaccinated will have the opportunity to test weekly and wear a mask at work.) This is expected to cover two-thirds of the private sector workforce.

In August, the FDA approved the production of a Covid vaccine in the United States. The move was expected to encourage some unvaccinated Americans to get vaccinated and give the company more confidence in the need to do so.

A quarter of workers in October said their employer required them to get the Covid-19 vaccine, up from 9% in June, according to a poll published Thursday by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Adults with a household income of at least $ 90,000 are more likely than those with incomes below $ 40,000 to report a need for a Covid-19 vaccine at work – 31% versus 18%, respectively, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll.

There is also a political split – 26% of Republicans said their employer requires vaccinations or that they want their company to demand vaccinations; this share is 77% among Democrats and 46% among independents.

Some companies and municipalities have laid off workers or sent them on unpaid leave for refusing to comply with vaccine regulations.

New York, for example, put about 9000 municipal employees unpaid leave, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday. About 9 out of 10 city workers covered by the mandate have been vaccinated, he said.

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