Mandatory ban on Broadway masks to be lifted from July 1

Spectators are handed out phantom masks during the re-opening of the late-night performance of The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway at The Majestic Theater on October 22, 2021 in New York City.

Bruce Glikas | Getty Images

From July 1, Broadway theaters will waive the mandatory use of masks for spectators. Broadway League announced on Tuesday.

While all 41 Broadway theaters in New York City will adopt an “optional mask” policy, audiences are still encouraged to wear masks in theaters.

The organization said the policy will be reviewed monthly, with the protocol for August to be announced in mid-July.

“Millions of people have enjoyed the unique magic of Broadway by watching 75th Tony Awards ceremony recently. Millions more people have watched Broadway LIVE in theaters in New York and across the US since we reopened last fall,” Charlotte St. Martin, President of the Broadway League, said in a press release. We are happy to welcome even more people. of our passionate fans are returning to Broadway for the exciting 22-23 season that has just begun.”

In March 2020, a high-traffic area of ​​Manhattan turned dark as part of Covid-19-related public space restrictions. The first shows to return took the stage after about 18 months, with mandatory vaccines and masks introduced for most viewers.

Broadway Dropped vaccination checks for viewers April 30, as other institutions also eased restrictions. The theater group took about 240,000 visitors The week ended June 12th.

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