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“Make these commitments a reality,” says the deputy head of the United Nations.

Liu Zhenmin, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, and UN Under-Secretary-General Amina Mohammed delivered their closing remarks a few minutes ago.

Louis said he was encouraged by the commitment of Member States to implement Sustainable Development Goal 7 (access to clean energy for all by 2030). He added that without civil society and youth, we have no chance of achieving this goal.

According to him, the dialogue marks the beginning of a new phase, in which all the main elements of the global roadmap for achieving SDG 7 and achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 are laid.

Ms Mohammed thanked those who were “setting an example” by presenting the Energy Agreements, which she said are critical to keeping global temperatures at 1.5 degrees.

Response to economic recovery after COVID-19 the pandemic, she said, was insufficient and led to poverty for millions of people. She stated that the commitments made today represent a retaliatory strike.

Achieving net zero carbon emissions, the deputy chief of the United Nations continued, depends on actions taken in this decade, which should be one of the largest scale-ups in renewable energy use, involving people and the planet at the center of all our initiatives.

Summing up the commitments made during the day, Ms Mohammed said national governments have pledged to provide electricity to more than 166 million people worldwide, and private companies have pledged to reach just over 200 million people.

Governments have also pledged to install an additional 698 gigawatts of renewable energy from solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower and renewable hydrogen energy, and businesses such as power companies have pledged to install an additional 823 GW by 2030.

“These are bold commitments,” she said. “I invite all of you to help make them a reality.”

This concludes our coverage of today’s event, but the statements of high-level ministers from around the world continue. here

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