Lin-Manuel Miranda Says Hamilton Increases Ticket Demand

Filming Hamilton and distributing it to Disney + did not diminish the demand for the Broadway musical, it amplified it, said creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda.

For decades, Broadway showrunners have shied away from making copies of popular shows, fearing that too accessible a production would result in lower ticket sales.

“It forever refutes the notion that a beautifully filmed version of your show is diminishing the demand for its live performance,” Miranda told Sara Eisen to CNBC in a taped interview that aired Wednesday. “By all our estimates, this only heightened the need to see Hamilton live.”

Filmed in 2016 with its original cast, Hamilton was originally slated to hit theaters in 2021, but when the pandemic hit, Disney released the movie on July 4, 2020 on its streaming service.

Miranda portrayed Alexander Hamilton in the original cast alongside Leslie Odom Jr. (Aaron Burr), Rene Elise Goldsberry (Angelica Schuyler), David Diggs (Marquis de Lafayette / Thomas Jefferson), Philip Su (Eliza Hamilton) (George Washington Jackson) ) and Jonathan Groff (King George).

The film was directed by Tommy Cale (Foss / Verdon and Grease: Alive).

Miranda admitted that it can be expensive for Broadway shows to film their performances, noting that his team paid to film the musical so they could preserve the actors’ original performances on film.

“This is a win for the theater,” said Miranda. “I think having more professional shots to be in the world is a win. I would like it to be more in the future. “

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