Latest Coronavirus: UK is ready for Covid data which could delay June 21 ease

The percentage of Covid-19 vaccinations reported in the United States he rose for a fifth straight day, which derives a slide that had brought daily inoculation to the levels last seen in January.

The deficit of the United States budget has exceeded $ 2tn in the first eight months of the fiscal year on the back of stimulus spending, however, a change in the fiscal term led to a sharp drop in the May budget deficit.

U.S. President Joe Biden unveiled Thursday a commitment to buy 500m Covid-19 vaccines made by BioNTech / Pfizer to donate to some of the world’s poorest countries.

U.S. lawmakers have written to Pfizer chief executive about concerns the pharmacist raises the price of their Covid-19 vaccine once the pandemic recedes.

The shelf life of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine has been extended extended from three months to four and a half months, easing the pressure on U.S. states that have millions of doses nearing expiration.

The Delta variant of coronavirus first identified in India is “Ready to take over” across Europe, warned the World Health Organization. The variant is dominant in England, having surpassed the less transmissible Alpha variant, first identified in Kent, in May.

American consumer prices accelerated by most in almost 13 years of May as accompanied demand combined with higher prices for goods to raise concerns about inflationary pressures.

The European Central Bank will have it maintain the pace of their bond purchases in the coming weeks, he said Thursday, despite rising forecasts for eurozone growth and inflation.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock on Thursday picks up Dominic Cummings, denying having lied to Boris Johnson and saying the government was better managed since the departure of the former chief minister.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock answers questions from MPs on Thursday © AFP via Getty Images

Singapore will be facilities and restrictions on social distance next week after carrying out a recent check in Covid-19 cases.

The French insurer Axa is offers an establishment package worth 300 million euros to 15,000 restaurant owners in the country for their claims for damages due to the impact of Covid-19.

South Korea is thought first inoculation Covid-19 for workers in major exporters to prevent disruptions in production, according to the Korean Ministry of Labor and Disease Control and Prevention Agency.

BioNTech is planning a push into Africa establish mRNA vaccine production facilities on the continent as part of a long-term effort to tackle diseases beyond Covid-19.

Japan is in danger of a rebound in Covid-19 infections because the public has ceased to respect state of emergency restrictions and mobility has increased, the government’s official advisory council has warned.

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