Latest Coronavirus: Thai Prayuth to Meet Large Companies with New Infections Over 13,000


The company urged the UK government to “get control” next Tuesday ministers met for self-isolation councils and Downing Street refused to produce a list of roles where people could continue to work even if they were “pinging” from the NHS app. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Monday that workers critical of two blows will be able to avoid self-isolation if they provide – for example – “food, water, electricity, medicine … the defense of the kingdom”.

Renewed samples of blood samples collected in Italy since October 2019 are it has revived a debate over whether coronavirus was circulating in Europe before China confirmed the first case in Wuhan. Scientists at the National Cancer Institute of Milan, a cancer research center, wrote in a new article that testing of a small number of pre-pandemic blood samples from two laboratories had indicated the presence of normally observed antibodies. after coronavirus infection.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London is selling 200 of its stand-only tickets following the relaxed rules of coronavirus in England. £ 5 tickets for the ground in front of the stage, intended to capture the atmosphere of the English playwright’s day, will be on display from the opening night of the Twelfth Night on 29 July.


Anthony Fauci indicated that the highest public health agency in the United States was reviewing its guidelines for children wearing masks in the classroom, regardless of vaccination status. Fauci has sought to clear up the confusion as education officials in many cities and states indicate that masks will be, or may be, required in schools because they are unable to comply with health guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control. Control and Prevention of Diseases Exempting Fully Vaccinated Individuals from Harbor Covers.

On Tuesday, U.S. health officials said the most contagious Delta variant counts more than 80 percent of new coronavirus cases in the country and he encouraged Americans to get vaccinated considering it is “the most powerful tool we have.” “[The] The CDC has published estimates of variants across the country and predicted that the Delta variant now accounts for 83 percent of the cases sequenced, “said Senate Health Committee Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control. Disease Control and Prevention.

Indonesia is currently battling the coronavirus outbreak in Southeast Asia © REUTERS

Indonesia is stretches and distance measurements implemented earlier this month in an effort to contain a severe Covid-19 wave that boosted its healthcare sector in the beginning. Joko Widodo, the president of Indonesia, has extended the restrictions that were to end Tuesday through Sunday when Southeast Asia’s largest economy struggles against the region’s worst fire.

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