Jim Kramer’s charitable foundation bought shares during Monday’s weakness.

CNBC’s Jim Kramer said his charitable foundation was forced to make purchases during Monday’s session after it started so negatively, especially on large-cap tech stocks.

While the Nasdaq Composite was able to overcome losses of more than 2% and close slightly higher on Monday, Kramer said the investment fund saw opportunities to take advantage of early weakness and acted for several reasons.

“When an important index like the Nasdaq is trading at a three-month low, you should at least buy something that gets thrown away because it can’t be that terrible,” said the Mad Money presenter.

The Kramer Charitable Foundation has strengthened its position in three promotions: the medical company Danaher and the semiconductor companies Advanced Micro Devices and Marvell Technology.

“We know that many people enjoy buying in a growing market because they are afraid of missing out. They try to sell high and buy high, but sometimes they just buy high and fail, ”Kramer said. “The point is, if you buy now, you are buying cheap – or at least much lower than we were a few weeks ago. This way you don’t have to kick yourself for buying stocks near the peak. “

Another reason Kramer said he was confident about the purchase in Monday’s session was Take-Two Interactive’s announcement of plans to acquire Zynga, the mobile game company behind the FarmVille series.

“Some very smart companies are actually operating here, which tells me that lower prices create real deals for other companies,” Kramer said, adding that he was also encouraged that bond yields had declined from session highs during day.

To be sure, Kramer said he still sees aspects of the market that “worry” him, namely the strength of bank stocks ahead of their quarterly reports in the coming days. The continued sale of financial technology stocks is also worrying, he said.

“Now the pattern in this part of the market is to rally from the lows and then open higher the next day, possibly significantly higher. [if bond yields keep falling] before arriving a little between 10:30 and 11 am, “Kramer said.” That’s what makes things so difficult. If it opens tomorrow, it will be very difficult to know what to do. This is another reason I keep emphasizing that you need to shop for weakness on ugly days like today. ”

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