It’s time to use a small amount of money

Jim Kramer on Mad Money.

Scott Mlyn | CNBC

On Friday, CNBC’s Jim Kramer announced the biggest market events scheduled for next week’s holiday-shortened trading window.

“You have to admit the instability of the moment” now that the Federal Reserve has adopted a more aggressive monetary tightening plan, the Mad Money anchor said.

“You don’t want to be a hero here. You’ve probably raised some money already if you’ve watched the show or if you’re a member. [the CNBC Investing Club] … so it’s time to do a little bit on the way down when everyone’s nervous about the omicron when we arrive on Monday morning. “

Here’s what Kramer will be watching over the course of a four-session week. All estimates are taken from FactSet.

Monday: Profits from Micron and Nike.

Tuesday: General Mills and BlackBerry earnings.

Wednesday: Income from CarMax, Cintas and Paychex.

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